Thursday, May 8, 2014


What's better than making something yourself for Mother's Day? No matter it is for your mom, grandma, or someone who you want to show your love, making something sweet and beautiful will be perfect for this day!

We are here to give you some recommendation for Mother's Day Sweets:

#1 HEALTH: It will be great to include fruits and organic ingredients into your recipe! Substitutes for Low fat and low sugar is going to be wonderful choices too!

#2 FLOWERS THEME: Flowers are usually given to express love and respect. Desserts and baked goods often include real flowers or flower decorations for Mother's Day Special. 

#3 PURPLE, PINK, & RED: Mother's Day colors are typically somewhere around purple, pink, and red. They can be used for your frosting, icing, etc. Usually, mix and match of colors that make you think is elegant and delicate will be perfect.    

***We hope everyone will have a BEAUTIFUL Mother's Day!

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