Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Hot Dog Egg Daisy Breakfast

Make your morning a brighter start for the day by making this Hot Dog Egg Daisy Breakfast!

1. Oil/Butter
2. Cucumber or any leaf of your favorite green
3. Parsley, cilantro, or any green
4. hot dogs
5. small eggs

1. slice hot dog into half and have multiple cut on one edge like shown.
2. Heat pan with medium heat
3. Butter/grease pan
4. Blend hot dog on the heated pan in a round shape like shown.
5. Slowly add egg in the middle of hot dogs
6. Cook until edges of hot dog is browned (Cover lid if wanting a cooked egg)
7. Serve with decoration of greens to make "Daisy Flower"
8. ENJOY this lovely recipe!!

Our team found this photo from Pinterest, but we would love to credit the original owner of this photo/recipe. If anyone knows the original recipe source please comment or send us a quick email at! Thank you!

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