Thursday, July 17, 2014

An Adorable Sweet Gift Idea, Bear Cookies

These adorable bear cookies can definitely melt our hearts! Not only these little bears look cute, they are made out of wheat dough. By 정민수(참새방앗간), a Korean baking school blog, they chose a ready-to-go cookie dough called cookie dough clay. It might not be available in your country, but don't give up! Choose any simple butter or sugar cookies recipe will work just fine to achieve the mini bear figure!

*This recipe requires quite some time to handle the dough properly.

Here is the translated recipe!

     Wheat 175g plain cookie dough clay 
     Wheat 175g cocoa cookie dough clay 
     A little egg white 
     Chocolate Pen

1. Prepare around 350g of cookie dough. (ready-to-go cookie dough or make your own homemade dough)
2. Divide the dough into half.

3. Flavor half of the dough with cocoa powder, and keep it in room temperature. 
4. For the other half of Plain dough: divide them into approximate weight: (Face) 76g, (ear) 36g, (border) 63g
    - Roll the "face" dough into a long log (about 2cm), wrap with plastic bag/wrap and freeze it.

    - Divide the "ear" dough, and roll them into two small logs, wrap and freeze it.
    - Roll the "border" dough into one rectangular sheet, sandwich with plastic wrap. 

      (Keep in Room Temperature)
5. When the "face" and "ear" doughs are harden, apply egg whites to the ears and stick them on top of "face" dough.
6. Put them back to the freezer until harden again.
7. Wrap cocoa dough around plain dough. (First fill in gaps between ear, and then wrap around the whole thing)
8. Roll the combined dough several times to make sure they stick together well. Put dough back to the freezer until harden again.
9. Wrap "
Border" dough around the hardened dough. Roll the dough log several times. Wrap and freeze until harden. 
10. Cut the dough log into thin cookies, and line them on a baking pan. Shape them if they don't stick together.
11. Apply a thin coat of the egg whites on each cookie. Put plastic wrap and freeze again.

12. Preheat the oven to 175 C
13. Bake cookies for about 12-15 minutes depending on thickness and the crispiness you like.
14. Enjoy! Or wrap it with a pretty gift box when cookies are completely cooled.

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