Saturday, July 5, 2014

Teddy Bear Bread Loaf Pan

This bear pan might be a little bit new to us. Usually, we make bread in a rectangular loaf pan, or make whatever shapes we like with our bare hands. This bear loaf pan bakes in a tube with a bear shape in cross section. Pretty neat right?

Recipe is in Japanese, here's a quick translation:

Bread flour 200g
Sugar 12g
Salt 4g
Dry yeast 3g
Eggs 25g (1/2 pieces)
Milk 115g
Unsalted butter 16g
Cocoa powder + hot water 3g +3 g

1. Added cocoa powder in hot water. Combined all other ingredients. Knead until smooth.
2. Dish out 70g of the dough. Mix the rest of the dough with cocoa mixture until no irregularities.
3. Brush 2 bowls with oil or butter, place the 2 doughs into each bowl. In a warm place, ferment doughs until about 2.5 times of its original size.
4. Flour the counter top or a working space. Lay a wet towel/cloth/paper towel on top. Place doughs on top of wet towel and rest for 15 minutes. (See 1st photo on the right)
5. Because the mold around 18 cm long, Roll the cocoa dough in a thick 18cm sheet. Roll the original dough into a 18cm rod shape. (See 2nd photo on the right)

6. Roll ONLY the edge of cocoa dough sheet so that it is thinner than the rest of the cocoa sheet.
7. Put the rod shape dough (original) onto cocoa dough sheet and wrap around it. 
8. Butter or spray interior of mold/loaf pan. Place pan with "bear ears" facing down. Place entire dough inside the pan with cocoa dough side facing the "bear ear" of the pan. (See 3rd photo on the right) Make sure original dough is in the center position at this time.      
9. Bake 30-40 minutes at 40 degrees C to allowed dough to ferment more.

10. Now, bake the dough in a 180 degree C for 25-30 minutes with a lid. Let cool and remove from the mold.
11. Slice the bread, and complete with chocolate eyes and nose. Enjoy!

Original Recipe:

Bear Loaf Pan Bread Mold:

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